Ages: 6th-12th grades
Dates: 6th-8th July 8-12 | 9th-12th July 15-19

From 9am-12pm

The Art and Science of Darkroom Photography

Discover how the first film cameras worked by constructing a pinhole camera. Mix chemistry for developing black and white negatives, and print your pictures in the darkroom lab under red safe lights. Additional projects include Photo-gram collages, using found objects and drawings, adding color with paint made for photographs. While looking for inspiration from nature, we will gather leaves and wild flowers to create sun-prints using the historic process called Cyanotype. Sign up for an exciting week of photo-discovery!

Maximum 10 students

The Art of Film-Camera Photography

We will start the week off by constructing pinhole cameras and processing paper negatives in the darkroom lab. This will give us a foundation to the invention of black and white film photography. In the field, with our 35mm cameras, we will discuss composition, taking time to look closer at our subject and light, while becoming familiar with aperture settings, shutter speeds and light-meter readings. Throughout the week you will process film and print enlargements in the darkroom, creating a series of photographs for display.

Bring a 35mm, SLR, film camera or use a camp loaner camera

Price $450